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GO4YU  homephone

GO4YU homephone

69.00 USD

Talks with Serbia have never been easier

Services offered

  • Call indentification
  • Notification of an incoming call
  • Call waiting option
  • Redial
  • Conference call

Free Welcome Paket

We give you 60 bonus minutes that you can use in the next 30 days.

60 min

30 days

Choose a plan with your phone
Talk 500
10.99 USD
Unl. calls in GO4YU network 500 minutes to TS network
Talk 1000
16.99 USD
Unl. calls in GO4YU network 1000 minutes to TS network
Talk 12, Pay 11
120.89 USD
Unl. calls in GO4YU network 12x500 minutes to TS network

* every 30 days is available to you 500 minutes

Every second counts! The charging interval is 1 second.

*To use GO4U Homephone you must purchase and activate a plan



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